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Kevin Kimber

Rimilia Appoints Kevin Kimber as CEO

Kevin Kimber - New CEO of Rimilia

Kevin joins Rimilia after a period of strong growth for the company and will use his extensive experience to drive further geographic expansion.
Leadership team

London Office Opening

Rimilia Opens a London Office

Record revenues and customer growth have enabled expansion within Europe and an opening of a new office in Central London.
ACCEE partnership

Rimilia Partners with ACCEE

Rimilia Partners with ACCEE to Drive Financial Automation in Central & Eastern Europe

Rimilia announces a partnership with the Association of Credit for Central and Eastern Europe (ACCEE), which promotes best practice in Credit Management.

Evidence of Our ROI


Adecco increases cash allocation efficiency

Award winning financial software technology company Rimilia have been working in partnership with renowned recruitment provider Adecco to improve efficiency of cash allocation processes with great success.


Biffa implement Alloc8 by Rimilia and achieve beyond world class automatch rates for cash allocation

Biffa, one of the leading nationwide integrated waste management service providers for local authorities, industrial and commercial clients in the UK have increased cash allocation process efficiency after implementing Rimilia’s award winning automation software Alloc8.


Cash allocation software increases efficiency for Loomis

Premier UK cash management specialist Loomis increase accounts receivable efficiency using Rimilia’s award winning cash allocation software.


Synseal, one of the largest UPVC extrusion companies in the UK has implemented Rimilia’s award winning cash allocation software and achieved great success as a result

Rimilia worked with the cash team at Synseal at their head office in Mansfield to implement Alloc8 to automate their cheque, BACS receipt cash matching process and subsequent banking. Prior to this implementation, cash processing was a resource intensive task for the team that required higher levels of manual intervention for cash allocation over collections.

Talk Talk

TalkTalk Business implement Alloc8 and increase cash allocation efficiency

TalkTalk Business, the UK’s leading value for money provider of voice and data solutions to Britain’s businesses, has improved efficiency in their cash processing by implementing Rimilia’s award winning cash allocation solution, Alloc8.


Veolia Increases Cash Application Efficiency with Rimilia Cash

They needed to find an automation tool to apply cash faster, improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs. With Rimilia’s next generation, global cash application platform, Veolia was able to leverage a breakthrough application of AI and Machine Learning to quickly achieve their goals.

Our Guides

We’ve taken the issues and pain points that affect our customers and addressed them from different perspectives in our guides. Here you will find a wide range of topics, such as using automation to enhance business transformation, and how AI can improve cash flow.

A Fresh Approach Guide to Modern Credit Management

Read how Rimilia’s intelligent accounts receivable solutions can help nail your cash flow from all angles in modern accounting.

The Digital Transformation of Credit Management

Credit management is a key business process for every organization. Even though there are many different ways to manage the process, it is business as usual to every organization that grants and recovers debt when it’s due.

The Credit Professionals Guide to AI and RPA

This guide is designed to give an overview of the fundamental technologies surrounding AI for enterprise finance teams, cut through the marketing jargon, and give you the knowledge to effectively evaluate ‘AI’ and ‘RPA’ finance solutions, to keep you and your team ahead of the technological curve.

The Biggest Problem with Lockboxes and How to Fix It

Read how Rimilia’s intelligent finance solutions can help nail your cash flow from all angles in modern accounting. Find out the problem with checks, why the lockbox isn’t the answer, and how truly automated cash application works.

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