• Case study : Talk Talk

TalkTalk Business implement Rimilia Cash and increase cash application efficiency

TalkTalk Business, the UK’s leading value for money provider of voice and data solutions to Britain’s businesses, has improved efficiency in their cash processing by implementing Rimilia’s award-winning cash application solution, Rimilia Cash.

TalkTalk Group increases their cash processing efficiency with Rimilia

TalkTalk is the UK’s leading value-for-money consumer and B2B telecoms provider. Their mission is to deliver affordable, reliable, simple, and fair services for everyone.

TalkTalk was spending a significant amount of time matching customer payments to their accounts. Plus there was a lot of manual effort involved to manage this process. TalkTalk was looking to improve their cash application process and make it more efficient.

TalkTalk chose Rimilia to increase their cash processing efficiency. Rimilia first worked with the TalkTalk team to define the project and set milestones. Rimilia provided support during each step of the implementation to make sure the TalkTalk team was comfortable with the new automation and processes.

Within a short time, TalkTalk was up and running on Rimilia. They now have a fluid cash process that enables the credit team to be more productive and spend more time on more important tasks, like supporting customers.

With Rimilia Cash, TalkTalk has achieved:

• 70% auto-match rate
• 85% improvement in efficiency
• 70% automation of manual tasks

• Return on investment within 4 months

“As a result of implementing Rimilia Cash, we have a consistent auto-match rate of 70% across all payments. which means that we do not need the manpower to look at these. Consequently, we have reduced the effort required by 85% each month, which is phenomenal.  We regularly review the performance of Rimilia Cash with Rimilia and we always have something new to look at or try, which has been suggested. Having Rimilia is a great experience and it has ultimately changed our business.”

-Tamsyn Harrison-Gabbott, Head of Credit and Risk, TalkTalk