• About Us

We exist to simplify the complex

We believe inspired employees create successful customers.
We believe boring repetitive tasks suck… but our solutions love them.
We’re passionate about thinking big, moving fast, and delivering results.

How It Works

All of our cash automation solutions come out-of-the-box with cloud-based delivery, which means they can be up and running very quickly, allowing you to begin enjoying the benefits within six weeks.

A simple and transparent pricing model means you will be able to enjoy a fast return on your investment, and all our solutions are future proofed, giving you peace of mind that any future upgrades are included in our pricing model so there are no hidden surprises.

Being able to offer such transparency is why we are proud of our 100% customer retention rate. Our innovative cash automation solutions all come with built-in learning capabilities that ensure that they adapt and self-learn continuously, resulting in improving your process and increasing efficiencies with unrivaled match rates and razor-sharp predictive analytics.

Using our unique award-winning software, customers can be confident that they have the best solution today and for the future.

Intelligent Finance Solutions

Our modern, AI-powered RPA system learns as it goes, providing your team with an unprecedented level of cognitive ability. We know some tasks are more efficient when automated, especially those repetitive and often manually intensive processes. Our system improves efficiency and offers predictive analytics — allowing you to see into the future to better understand your customer’s behavior. If that wasn’t enough, this unique self-learning engine adapts, assimilates, and grows as your business does.

The Team

We are a closely knit team with experience across many industries and markets in numerous roles from credit control to credit management to CFO. The common thread for all of us is our passion for AI and machine learning. It’s a big thing for us that we deliver best-in-class software, but we also care about the people who use it.

Sales and marketing

Led by Tim Ray and Tracie Poland, our sales and marketing professionals are a rare breed. They are more interested in hearing about customers’ pain points and needs than they are about talking about our software (that comes later when we’ve found out what you need).


Jamie Cunningham and Stephen Halliday run the development team. These guys are dyed in the wool techies but really understand that optimal customer experiences are always the main aim.

Customer services

We pride ourselves on our customer service. Read our case studies and speak to our customers and you’ll soon learn that no issue is too small. Our on-boarding is the starting point of a long-term relationship that our customers love.

Leadership Team

The Rimilia management team is made up of talented cash management software professionals with a breadth of experience in technology, finance, compliance, project management, marketing, and sales.

Kevin Kimber

Kevin Kimber
Chief Executive Officer

Kevin joins us from Eight Roads, one of Rimilia’s primary investors, where he worked as a venture partner managing and scaling their portfolio. Kevin has been a part of the Rimilia team since 2017, and now leads as CEO. Kevin’s background includes serving as the Managing Director of SAP’s UK Cloud business. Before SAP, he was the European founder of ServiceNow, where he helped grow the company from less than $1M in annual revenue to more than $140M. Kevin was also a part of the executive team at Zuora where he led the EMEA division.


Steve Richardson
Chief Commercial Officer

Steve is one of Rimilia’s founders and has worked with blue-chip organizations for more than 20 years, leading teams through process change and efficiency. Steve’s experience in financial technology has helped guide the design of Rimilia’s solutions so they simplify the complex for finance professionals. Steve is focused on initiatives that help teams achieve more with less. Steve is proud of our solutions, our team, our values, and our customers.


Steve Dunn-Massey
Chief Financial Officer

A commercially astute Chief Financial Officer, Steve has more than 20 years of experience in scaling high-growth, venture-backed, global technology businesses. Steve is a Chartered Accountant who qualified with EY in London, before spending 10 years with Morgan Advanced Materials plc serving in senior finance positions in Europe and the U.S. Steve has considerable experience in managing finance functions in both global organizations and smaller businesses. He has led several successful shareholders exits, managed multiple debt and equity funding rounds, implemented change management programs and conducted wide-ranging strategic reviews.

Timothy Ray
Chief Revenue Officer

Timothy joined Rimilia in July 2018 bringing more than 20 years of experience in sales and marketing in the cash application industry. With an extensive understanding of the financial technology buying process, he has a deep passion for finding breakthrough technologies for the financial sector. He has a proven ability to navigate large organizations with complex sales cycles. Timothy is proud to represent Rimilia’s world-class products and grow the business with his tenured team.

Jamie Cunningham

Jamie Cunningham
Chief Technology Officer

Jamie is one of Rimilia’s founders and has over 20 years’ experience in software development, IT infrastructure and all things tech. Having previously worked for a number of blue-chip organisations in lead development roles, he has a broad understanding of both the product development side and also how to deliver successful software projects. He continues to be motivated by the sheer pace of change in technology, across AI, machine learning and serverless scaling and the opportunities this provides a CTO and their teams.


Tracie Poland
Chief Marketing Officer

Tracie, Rimilia’s CMO, brings more than 20 years of expertise in building marketing strategies for enterprise technology brands. Tracie’s background includes marketing and lead generation leadership positions at Oracle, IBM and most recently, Microsoft. She applies an integrated and nimble approach to driving revenue around the globe.

Tamsyn Attiwell

Tamsyn Attiwell
Chief Customer Officer

Tamsyn is known for creating services teams for start-ups and is a results-driven and proactive IT leader, known for mobilizing teams and defining, implementing, and maintaining solutions across a range of platforms and programming languages. Logical and analytical, she applies creativity and perception to problem-solving and forward planning, generating imaginative yet practical solutions to complex challenges. With strategic experience, Tamsyn is a committed leader who inspires by example and builds cohesive and committed teams.

What Makes Us Tick?

When you do business with most companies, you’ll probably never see or hear what they stand for. And if they do have something, it most likely lives in an employee handbook that rarely sees the light of day. But here at Rimilia, we’re not like most companies. We’re proud to share what we believe and why we believe it. Because transparency is the foundation for any good relationship.

Ethical Trading

We promote and adhere to the highest ethical standards of conducting business globally. Our solutions offer cost-effective, high quality, and industry leading benefits to our customers now and for the future. Our transparent pricing model provides clarity and confidence that customers are getting world-class solutions with no hidden costs.

Investment in Talent

Our people are everything to us. And we’re constantly searching for, finding, and investing in the highest caliber talent to ensure we have the best team, delivering the highest standard of service possible for our customers.

Going above and beyond isn’t just a catchy saying you’ll hear in our office. It’s something we live out. Every. Single. Day. Our staff is constantly looking for ways to not only provide exceptional quality of service but to go beyond what’s expected of us.

No Asterisks Needed

We offer a risk-free purchase guarantee. Seriously. We know this is an investment for you and your company, so we want to make sure it’s the perfect fit. And that you receive all of the benefits we say we’ll provide — so that you can enjoy a fast return on your investment with no strings attached.

Innovation Has No Vacation

Technology is constantly changing, so we never want to rest on our laurels. We believe we must continue to innovate through the use of technology and to ensure our customers are receiving the very best service possible.