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A breakthrough evolution in intelligent
cash application

Rimilia is a complete accounts-receivable platform using a one-of-its-kind, ‘learn as it goes’ AI
technology to apply cash quickly, without the need for remits.

Only true global solution. Any currency, any ERP, any bank
Best automation efficiency rates on the market
Breakthrough evolution in AI and RPA technology

Immediate ROI

8 weeks
out of the box
straight through processing rate
average cost saving
out-of-the-box automatch rules
countries world-wide rely on Rimilia

Trusted by Companies Across the

Rimilia allows you to automate processes, improve matching rates, and increase efficiency all while paying for itself the day you implement it.
Rimilia provides a more dynamic and clearer real-time picture of your cash collection data.
Rimilia helps you match millions of transactions in real-time — removing manual tasks and providing an unrivaled full payment straight through processing average rate of a near-perfect, 93%.
Rimilia is your crystal ball, helping you plan and predict payment behavior, so you can spend your time and energy going after the right customer.

Multi-currency cash

Sure, there are several automated solutions to help with the cash application process. If you’re exploring, or even using other platforms with first-generation technology, you may only be able to match 50-60% of your invoices. But only Rimilia can give you a 93% average auto match rate. And what’s even better, is that starting on day one, our out-of-the-box functionality can go to work for you. Giving you less stress, less paperwork, less room for error, and much more peace of mind.

  • Easy to set up – with full support from our in-house team
  • Works with any ERP system for seamless integration
  • Apply cash as fast as the same day
  • Real-time data at your fingertips
  • Increases team efficiency and allows better flexibility
  • Immediate ROI

Credit management and
credit collection

Ask just about anyone in your finance department and they’ll tell you, one of the most frustrating aspects of their job is not having real-time data in the cash collection process. How can you help? Rimilia’s collection and credit management tools. Our system is like no other – it’s breakthrough Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine quickly predicts patterns in your customer’s payments behavior. Allowing you to identify issues before they occur. The system will keep learning and updating its algorithms as payments are made – giving your team an ongoing and dynamic view of their cash flow.

  • Up to 96% match rate including multi-currency
  • Unrivaled full payment straight through processing – 95% cash application by 9 am every day
  • Average 70% reduction in manual activity
  • Interactive and intuitive to use

Bank reconciliation

Deposits in transit. Outstanding checks. Non-sufficient funds. There are so many factors that slow down, confuse, or even allow human error to play a factor in the bank reconciliation process. Fortunately, our intelligent finance solution has the ability to match millions of transactions in real-time. Removing manual tasks from the process while providing an unrivaled auto match rate.

  • Self-learning engine automatically matches bank to general ledger up to 98% within minutes, every day
  • Multiple bank files and formats loaded in seconds
  • Full digital audit trail and sign off process
  • Imports and aggregates multiple diverse data sets
  • Advanced dashboard and real-time reporting

Robotic Process Automation
(RPA) and Artificial
Intelligence (AI)

Is your working capital working for you? Could it be working harder? We think so. Forecasting your capital on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis is crucial to the livelihood of your business. Rimilia’s artificial intelligence (AI) finance platform allows organizations to fully integrate cash, credit and reconciliation solutions in real time.

Our world-class software has the ability to predict payments and collections behavior. It provides you and your team real-time visibility of your cash position, so you have an accurate working capital number at the end of the day, and can apply cash quickly and accurately that night. All the while, it’s more cost effective than paying a bank, or lock-box. Making your working capital work harder for you.

  • Ability to predict customer payment behavior
  • Take account of user intelligence – e.g. promise to pay
  • Real-time cash position and forecasting
  • Eliminates unallocated cash